Top Counseling Degree Programs in Texas

Top Counseling Degree Programs in TexasIndividuals who are interested in entering the counseling field to help various types of patients should look into the top Counseling Degree Programs in Texas. Texas Counseling Degree Programs prepare students for careers in many different types of counseling, such as mental health counseling, school counseling, family and marriage counseling, and career counseling.

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Details about the Top Counseling Degree Programs in Texas

The Counseling Programs in the state of Texas are typically offered at the graduate degree level. Individuals interested in pursuing a master’s degree program in counseling typically have a bachelor’s degree in psychology or other closely related undergraduate major. Texas A&M University, the University of North Texas, and Texas Woman’s University are among the best counseling programs in the state. Texas A&M University offers master’s degree programs in school counseling and counseling psychology with concentrations as a licensed professional counselor or licensed marriage and family therapist. The University of North Texas offers a master’s degree in counseling with tracks in elementary school counseling, secondary school counseling, college and university counseling, and clinical mental health counseling. Many accredited institutions offer online Texas Counseling Degree Programs. The University of Texas at Tyler offers an online master’s degree in school counseling. The program can be completed in one and a half years.

Financial Aid and Scholarships For The Top Counseling Degree Programs in Texas

With the high cost of tuition and other related expenses, the state of Texas offers numerous financial aid programs to assist students wishing to attend one of the top counseling degree programs in Texas. Examples of programs funded by the Texas government include the Tuition Equalization Grant and the Texas B-On-Time Loan. Additionally, students who are pursuing Counseling Degree Programs in Texas have access to scholarships to help pay for their education. Examples of scholarships available for Texas Counseling Degree Programs are the Texas School Counselor Association Scholarships and the South Texas Counseling Association Scholarships. The scholarships are available at various universities including Counseling Degree Programs online.

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1. Grand Canyon University - BS
2. Capella University - MS
3. Walden University - MS

The top Counseling Degree Programs in Texas are ideal for individuals looking complete a degree in the field that leads to a career in helping people.